Keep your pets safe and happy this Guy Fawkes period

20 December 2018 Ahmedabad

Monday the 5th of November is often the scariest day of the year for pets, who can become distressed when they hear fireworks.

While most humans will enjoy the celebrations around Guy Fawkes, many pets unfortunately are traumatised by fireworks, says SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen. Each year SPCA receives dozens of calls relating to fireworks issues including: animal injuries, frightened animals, missing pets, and occasionally, abuse of animals.

“Many animals have acute hearing so loud bangs can really scare them. Fireworks can be terrifying to pets who become highly stressed by them,” Ms Midgen says.

“Unfortunately, Guy Fawkes can lead to animals running away and going missing, injuring themselves or becoming susceptible to traffic accidents. We urge pet owners to keep their pets inside and safe on Guy Fawkes night.”

Pets can be kept safe and happy with a bit of forward planning, Ms Midgen says: “Having a strategy for your animals during the Guy Fawkes period will help them tremendously. Making sure your pet has company, is kept inside, and has proper identification are just a few easy ways to ensure the safety and happiness of your pet.”

SPCA does not support the private sale and use of fireworks and has long called for a ban on the sale of fireworks to the public. SPCA advises those planning to set off fireworks in their backyards to speak to their neighbours, or leave a note in their letterbox, so that those in the neighbourhood with pets can prepare accordingly.