Betty & Ethel

Betty and Ethel were found in shocking and filthy conditions by an SPCA Inspector.

They were extremely underweight, had dry faeces attached to their bodies, and were still trying to lay eggs in a small, dirty cage.
It took several SPCA staff members hours to bath the girls and get them clean again.

Then they gave them a huge, clean coop with lots of fresh hay, clean water and pellets to peck. It was amazing to see how Betty and Ethel’s personalities brightened as soon as their basic needs were met.

Today Betty and Ethel live free in their new home, and run the vegetable patch – which they are very protective of.


Last year we received a call from someone who had found a cat caught on a barbed wire fence.

The cat, who has since been named Barbie, was thankfully held up by her finder so she didn’t suffer further injuries.
When our SPCA team arrived at the property, they had to cut her free from the fence.

The team then rushed her to the vets. The wire was tangled up in her skin, leaving a very large and messy wound which required surgery to close it with a skin flap.


Tesla was found hopping the streets with uneven teeth and a large wound on his back, but once he was rescued he thrived in the care of the SPCA.

He happily munched on his favourite food (apple) while his wound was tended to by the hospital team, and a few weeks later he was up for adoption. Tesla’s new mum instantly fell in love with him when they met, so she took him home that weekend to bond with his bunny brother, Edison. “He is doing extremely well and is super happy in his new home,” says Tesla’s mum. “His teeth are now even and his fur has grown back. He loves pats and kisses and will jump onto our laps when we squat down to pat him. Tesla and Edison are also enjoying each other’s company very much. We love him,” she says.


Kera was rescued by SPCA Inspector Sam after people expressed concerns for her leg.

When she arrived at the SPCA, it was found she had a dislocated shoulder that had healed incorrectly, and gun pellets throughout her body. Kera had been bounced around several family members, and no one ever took responsibility for her injuries. She needed to heal physically and mentally. “I recall the first time Kera started to play in my office,” says SPCA Inspector Sam. “She never knew what toys were but one day she picked up a ducky and started to play. She has turned into a bouncy, happy, friendly girl who loves attention. It was amazing to watch.” Kera now has a wonderful new family who continue with her physio and special joint food. They also take her on regular campervan holidays – her favourite destinations are the beach, the snow, and strawberry patches.


Dumped in a park when she was only 6 weeks old, Shadow came into this world unloved and afraid.

But her luck changed when she was found and brought to the SPCA for a much-needed meal, and a warm snuggly bed. One month later Shadow found her new family and loves hanging out with her new side-kick, doggie brother, Rocco. “Shadow has settled in nicely and follows Rocco around just like a shadow. She also thinks the kitchen is a place of magic,” says her new family. “Thank you for looking after her until we found her, she’s loved to bits in her new forever home.”


As a young puppy, she was tied up in the backyard for who knows how long. Cold, hungry, and alone.

When Dottie was found on the property she lived on, there was also another dog who had sadly starved to death. Our SPCA Inspectors had found her just in time, and not a moment too soon. Dottie was tiny, skinny, and weak. It was a miracle she was still alive.

Dottie then went to live with her loving foster mum who taught her about the world. She told us Dottie was a quick learner, with a lovely temperament, and that she adored her grandchildren!

When she came back to SPCA’s Centre to go up for adoption, we were all touched by this beautiful girl and her plight. How she could be overlooked in adoptions, and had to grow up in a shelter. But yet she was the best behaved out of them all, and kept her love for children as she grew older. We couldn’t wait for Dottie to find her new forever family.

Two months later, Dottie finally found the most amazing home. She now lives on a farm with her new mum Sarah, and new best friend, Oink the beardie cross.

Dottie is the epitome of ‘happy ever after.’ First she was resued and rehabilitated, then she was fostered, and now she is adopted. Moments like these are worth waiting for.