As a young puppy, she was tied up in the backyard for who knows how long. Cold, hungry, and alone.

When Dottie was found on the property she lived on, there was also another dog who had sadly starved to death. Our SPCA Inspectors had found her just in time, and not a moment too soon. Dottie was tiny, skinny, and weak. It was a miracle she was still alive.

Dottie then went to live with her loving foster mum who taught her about the world. She told us Dottie was a quick learner, with a lovely temperament, and that she adored her grandchildren!

When she came back to SPCA’s Centre to go up for adoption, we were all touched by this beautiful girl and her plight. How she could be overlooked in adoptions, and had to grow up in a shelter. But yet she was the best behaved out of them all, and kept her love for children as she grew older. We couldn’t wait for Dottie to find her new forever family.

Two months later, Dottie finally found the most amazing home. She now lives on a farm with her new mum Sarah, and new best friend, Oink the beardie cross.

Dottie is the epitome of ‘happy ever after.’ First she was resued and rehabilitated, then she was fostered, and now she is adopted. Moments like these are worth waiting for.